All our vehicles are covered by a 3 month or 3,000 mile warranty. We can also offer an additional AA warranty if you require.

What's a warranty and why do I need one?

To keep your van ownership stress-free we're offering a warranty with our vans to give you peace of mind. We offer all our vans with 3 months cover, along with the option to upgrade at any time.

What you get with an AA warranty:

  • Almost all mechanical and electrical faults up to current market value*.
  • No limits on the number of claims made up to current market value
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • Access to a nationwide approved repair network
  • Parts not normally covered, including diagnostics, working materials and parts replaced in pairs, such as coil springs and shock absorbers.
  • Access to free 12 months Basic AA Breakdown cover
  • In-car entertainment and remote key fobs.

* Please refer to the policy document for full cover details.

Levels of cover:

There are 3 different levels of cover available.

  • Protect Lite: Protection against listed components
  • Protect Essential: Almost all mechanical and electrical items. Plus key fobs up to £200 and in-car entertainment (including Sat Nav) up to £500.
  • Protect Plus: Almost all mechanical and electrical items. Plus wear and tear up to 85,000 miles, diagnosis, oil seals, DPF or catalytic converter, key fobs up to £200, unlimited cover for in-car entertainment (including Sat Nav).

Without a warranty, you could expect to pay...

See the range of vehicle components covered by each level of warranty below. For full details of what each level of warranty covers, just get in touch with us for a copy of our warranty booklets.

AA Warranty Components Covered

Not having the car serviced in line with the manufacturer's recommendations may result in your claim being declined.

What's not covered?

Finding a warranty to cover every eventuality can be costly, so there are some important exclusions in ours. These include but are not limited to accident damage, batteries, bodywork, serviceable or ancillary items, driver abuse or negligence.